10 Things a Bride Should Never Do According to a Wedding Planner

Owner of P5Creations in Jaipur Rajasthan India, a Wedding planners in Jaipur has helped countless couples plan their wedding day since 2011. Here I break down the 10 things that P5Creations advise their clients never to do.

1.      As a wedding planner they advise to all bride that don’t invite more guests that you can afford to have accept your invitations.

2.      Don’t ask for gift from your invitation list to get more gift that’s called a “gift Grab” instead you can send announcements.

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3.      Don’t hire or start interviewing vendors on your own if you are using the wedding planning services from wedding planners. Because most planners have preferred vendors.

4.      Do not send anyone else as a mediator to consult with planner because you are too busy.
5.      After hiring a wedding planner never shop for you any welcome bags, favors and décor whenever you see something you like. That staff doesn’t match with the theme and décor that a planner will arrange.

6.      Don’t let the bridesmaids to select their own wedding dresses, instead you can tell them ask your wedding planner for guidance to ensure all of them look cohesive in photos. Choose a same color dresses and style.

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7.      Don’t give wedding party gift to all.
8.      Do not forgot about writing the names of your gifts. Some brides and grooms skip it in hopes of getting cash gifts — and nobody is fooled. It's extremely bad etiquette.
9.      Don’t invite more wedding guests to more than one events. It looks like a gift grab.

10. Don't put off all the things your wedding planner told you to get done in the first three months of planning.

Best Destination Wedding Location In India

Yes, I know this is the first question that must have crossed your mind while looking to host a Destination or a Palace Wedding. Well, infact it is actually sensible to check on best wedding destination places and location in India. Destination Wedding is probably a new thing in India, but many more people want to enjoy the special ceremony in a way just for their close friends and family members. Thankfully, India is a blend of some exotic and beautiful locations that can embellish the most special occasion of a person’s life with charm and an incredible magnificence. Perhaps that’s why ‘Destination Wedding in India’ have become so frequent and sought-after. So, whether you love the beach or the palaces, the mountains or the forts, India has all of it to make your marriage ceremony an unforgettable event. Below is a list of ten wonderful sites for a Destination Wedding in India. Destination Wedding in India’, Destination Wedding planner in India’, Best Destination Wedding in India Best Destination Wedding planners in India’, Destination Wedding location in India’, Destination Wedding in palace India’, Destination Wedding venue in India’, Destination Wedding India’, Destination Wedding in jaipur’. Destination Wedding in Rajasthan.

How to organize a sustainable event

Is it seriously tough to organize a sustainable event? Do we have to start thinking about environment, but are you afraid that you will spend more to waste less?

A traditional event has a significant negative impact on the environment and on the local communities. From a single event garbage, energy consumption, transportation of guests and materials, these are some of the ‘polluting consequences’ which were generated.

A sustainable event is planned, organized and managed in such a way which allows minimizing the environmental impact throughout the lifetime.

So, what is sustainable event?

A sustainable event is an event which is organized and designed in such a way that minimizes the potential negative impacts and leaves an essential settlement for the host community and all others who are involved. If you are considering sustainable event that your main concern not only to minimize the negative impacts but also given the tips to large number of stakeholders involved, influence and inspire them to adopt sustainably.

What should be the main aspects taken into account when you are planning for eco-friendly and sustainable event?

The main point to consider why you want to organize a sustainable event. A good and deep-understanding of your goals will definitely help you during the development phase. Your choice should be related with the brand image which you want to transmit.

Which story do your brand material tell?

Everything which you provide to your guests will showcase the brand image of product. Building a sustainability in you brand is not hard, just consider those materials, and how they are going to provide value to you and to your guests- consider their end of life solution.

If you seriously care about environment, and want to educate people to respect the environment, firstly encourage them to behave properly. Promotes separates waste collection, spread the information of substantiality by using brochures, fillers, and affix signs with few simple rules.

The respect and caring of environment can even start before the event. Use waste and recycled papers for the promotions of your leaflets. Do online marketing activities like drop a mail, use Facebook or Twitter to encourage people more for using the ‘green energy’ and distribute eco-friendly gadgets which made of natural material.

And for the catering use small restaurants or family companies which also offer bio products. Make sure helping the environment is not good for a single person but it is good for everyone. Try to reduce the quantity of food and packaging waste, do separate waste collection, just remember to have a different vegetarian corner and use recyclable and bio-degradable cutlery and plates.

Latest trends which are using in sustainable events:

Leaders will lead- large MNC`s has include sustainability as the key requirements for entering into commercial agreements and serving a good example for the global business community. All the mega events will be sustainable, and the event management company which is going to lead it, also follow the terms and conditions of compliance and substantiality.

Technology- technological solutions, digital services and mobile apps have completely eliminated the paper needs. Holographic meeting stat happening at a common place, reducing the carbon emissions associated with travel and opening up meetings to those who would otherwise have been unable to attend.

Sustainability and Food- the demands for the locally-produced, organic, fair trade has grown up in the events industry. Hopefully this growth in demand will reduce the prices and increase supply, helping implement sustainability criteria during events.

Material and Waste management- clients want sustainable, certified materials and waste-management specifications. The left materials in events will take into consideration and send to those bio-degradable industries.

These are few ways to generate awareness in people for environment and start implementing sustainable events.

5 Wedding Trends in 2016

We all welcome 2016 with great excitement, and can`t wait to see the new, trendy and gorgeous trends of Wedding. The wedding planner are showing their tremendous and brilliant work in organizing a beautiful wedding. Converting many couples dream into reality. Hiring a professional wedding planners is such an awesome thing, if you want to celebrate your wedding stress and hurdles free.

The top 5 wedding Trends which you are definitely going to see in 2016 are-

No flowers-

Today, people have become more concerned about the environment. Instead of using flowers for the decoration they are throwing their wedding in gardens, park and also opting eco-friendly things for wedding. So, this year seems to be all about greenery.
Choosing greenery theme for the wedding has become the top choice for almost all couples, it gives more positivity and more charm to wedding.

The fragrance of beautiful flowers and everything is of green color from the table runners to wedding arches. Instead of using those thermcol plates and bowls, people are switching to steel plates and bowls because they can be used again, but themcol plates cannot used again or else you can send them to bio-degradable plant for recycling.

If this no flowers theme opts by everyone, then it is good for our environment and eco system.


Vintage, the new and trendy wedding look is adopting by many people. It gives you a romantic feeling so about the old-world times and antiques of your big today. Vintage look more royal and luxurious look to tour wedding. Many couples include family heirlooms within this décor, which gave a personal touch to wedding. In vintage wedding- use some metallic and dark browns for the decoration and bridesmaid dress.

Selfie Station-

Selfie has become a new trend in people, they never forget to take a selfie and upload it on social networking sites. So why not to adopt the is trend in wedding, keeping photo booth in wedding has become the new trend. Taking photos from your phone or with a Polaroid camera for an even more retro feel. Taking own pictures and keeping them in frame, with a message. Can also be given as a wedding gift to the beautiful couples.

Pure Romance-

Pure romance is the new and very elegant and famous theme in the boards of Pinterest. Pure Romance, decoration from the candlelit ceremonies to receptions lit by crystal chandeliers, this beautiful trend will definitely melt you heart.

People generally call this theme by the name ‘Twilight Forest.’ The romantic and amazing décor to celebrate your perfect day. This pure romantic theme is highly demanded by every couples. The perfect combination of flowers and lights which gives it more royal and fabulous look. This Pure romance theme is celebrated with nature.


This texture theme for the wedding has come so in demand from 2016. From the beautiful wedding gowns to delicious cakes to the fabulous arrangements of table settings. This texture theme has become popular in the romantic couples. Different types of cakes were used to express the short love story; the cake also feature romantic quotes or chronicles of your relationship. In this texture theme the cakes are not normal, it`s a towers of yummy buttercreams.

Hence, these are top 5 popular and widely chosen wedding trends in 2016.

So, Be Happy and Enjoy Wedding!

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Tips for planning your Destination Wedding

Wedding the most beautiful & romantic day of bride and groom life`s. The couple always plan something different to celebrate this day more gorgeously. Some couples would plan a destination wedding or some will celebrate it in traditional way in their hometown.

The important question is why to have a Destination Wedding?

Well planning a Wedding away from the home to an attractive place where to different couples are for different reasons.

So this article for those lovebirds who are planning a Destination Wedding. Here are some tips have been given how to celebrate the destination wedding more perfectly.

1.  Pick the Perfect Spot

The location for the wedding not only define your mood, but also the travel time, budget everything. Your guests, friends have to come from far away to attend your wedding. If he proposed you in Paris, and you guys already went to your favorite place in summer vacations, then not to worry still there are many places left where you can celebrate your wedding. For this hire a professional Wedding planner who will sought out your problems.
Choose a place where your guests also enjoy the local activities of the place.

2. Time It Right

Selecting the right time for wedding matters a lot, because most of the tourist places are more crowded, there will be a less possibility of getting the hotels and venues availability, and everything around you are available on higher rates. It is advisable to reserve the hotel and venue early or before 10-12 months in advance. Make sure that guest also book their flight tickets early. If you are selecting the shoulder season that is right after the high season then you and your guests will be able to save some money and enjoy great weather. While at the time of off-season, you will found less crowds, the weather is also doubtful or iffy and some stores, venues and vendors close up shop.

3.  Take a Trip

It is not necessary, but we recommend you to take at least one trip to the venue or if you can swing it then two or three is ideal.

In the first trip you have to reserve your hotels, venues, reception space, and local suppliers like caters, florists and photographers. In next trip or the second one you have to schedule a ‘tasting’ meeting with you caterer, see the work or example of florist bouquets, and book an appointment with hair & makeup salon, and organize some activities like golf, tennis, museums for the guests. The third trip or last one finalize everything.

4. Factor in the Extra Expenses

If everything goes well, then destination wedding would not cost you more, may be less, and suppose you are living in a metropolitan city, then you can arrange wedding to an outhouse or to the royal or luxurious palace of the city. Still there are extra expenses which are the factors of destination wedding like Key venues and décor, welcome bags and additional activities for guests, tickets for you and your entire family.

5. Research Local Marriage Requirements

Some countries have legal side of tying the knot. Some countries would demand you for the ‘local residency document’. For example if you are planning to marry in Paris then you have to stay there 40 days before the marriages. Other countries have different policy, England would requires a stay of 7 days while Turks requires only 24 hours stay.

6. Remember: You're on Island Time

Just remember you are on a vacation time, so don’t keep a constant eye on clock. Remember many tropical islands run on “island time” which means things happen when they meant to be happen. So don’t make a vendor`s laid-back attitude, check the schedule regular check-ins and then trust your vendor to work their magic.

7.  Take Care of Guests

Arranging form the flight tickets to rooms, always invite your guests to the rehearsal or welcome dinner or next day brunch and keep goodie or welcome bags to their room, keep some chocolates, suntan lotion and water and bug spray. Remember to take god care of guests, if their mood got spoil then it will badly affects your wedding function.

8.  Dress the Part

Always check the climate conditions before choosing your wedding dress and deciding the everyone`s attire. If the weather is hot so you will be swimming in sweat and unfortunately, you are wearing your favorite pair of fairy-tale satin ball gown with tropical humidity and asking your groom to wear tuxes so it`s just like heat is going cruel. If you are taking the oath outside and suddenly rain start coming then your beautiful white dress will no longer remain white because of mud and 4-inch high heels will stick in mud.

9.  Mind Mother Nature

Don’t assume the weather yourself, after all its mother nature. Sometime you will found hotness is month march, rains in the month of October and more else. It is advisable to check the climatic conditions and weather of the place where you are going to marry.

10. Get a Move On It Already!

Having a wedding planner for the wedding will help you out form all stress and tension. You become so relaxed and also enjoy wedding more joyfully if you hired a good wedding planner. Making all the arrangements for the wedding, selecting the fresh flowers and choosing the best theme and caterer for the wedding is the key functions of the wedding planner.

So, today I discussed some of the tips to make your destination wedding full of wonders.

Go Happy and Enjoy Wedding!!

How to organize eco- friendly wedding

The increasing pollution, and global temperatures and rising sea-level have got everyone`s attentions, that doesn`t mean to exclude the new age of wedding planners. Wedding meant to be happen in heaven so why to spoil it by using the plastic and trash materials which is left over the earth. Most of the trash generates form the “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, which badly affects our nature and environment.

But now people have become more concerned about nature, they had start saving trees, stop using the plastic bags. Even the wedding are also organize in eco-friendly way.

The concept of “green wedding” has influenced the western culture more, they has start using this embraced green way, getting inspired from them Bangalore has become a few zero waste weddings place.

It is true that as big as the occasion it will generate more waste and the emission of carbon will be more than usual. It is proven that a single wedding on an average will generated about 62 tons of carbon dioxide and around 200-300 KGs of garbage. Just imagine when thousands of wedding stops reducing the usage of this wastage, the world would become a happy and pollution-free space to live.

Using the eco-friendly items in wedding will cost you less, as compared to your normal wedding budget. Arranging eco-friendly wedding is more favorable, and it also give your wedding more classy and elegant look.

Our first step is to identify form all the garbage or waste is coming from, follow some steps that can be used and lastly methods to deal with this problem.

Don`t worry if you are thinking that concept is tough, organizing an eco-friendly is very simple, easy and clean. 

All one have to do, is to follow some rules and make some right choices to achieve this.


The first thing which one can do is to analyze those places and note them down where more amount of wastage is generated. The quantity of paper which you send in invitations also goes in the dustbin because no one notice them properly. 

To avoid this, start using the recycled and post-consumer waste paper, tree-free paper and digital medium, all these options also give beautiful and elegant look, also reduce the resource consumption.

You can also send wedding gifts that is some show piece, decorative items, and other gifting items which can be re-gifted and it will not become the part of trash.

Wedding decorations

Doing decoration with those shiny objects, plastic flowers and thermocol and Styrofoam boards has become the usual part of decoration. Even the flowers which you generally choose for the decoration are coated with glittery plastics. All these things are of no use when the wedding has done, it will simply go in dustbin.

It`s better to get the flowers from the local florist such as jasmine, marigold and shavantige, chandhuva and the beautiful roses. After wedding these all flowers can be composed.

Just make sure that, no plastic, or Styrofoam is used in decoration.

One more way to reduce the carbon which is generated from the bridal make up and jewelry.  Use eco-friendly jewelry like stones, and metals, diamond gems and beautiful breathtaking metal pieces. Also using all the natural beauty and herbal products for the skin at your wedding day is good for the health.


The cutlery which used in dining-hall should be eco-friendly and reusable, instead of using those Styrofoam soup cups, plastic soups and paper cups for chaat. It`s better to serve food in banana leady and all the cups, spoons, plates and coffee and hand wash bowls should be made up of steel bowls or melamine.

These steel vessels are clean and hygiene as they are washed with hot water. All you have to do is just to pay the labour for washing this, which is cheaper than the disposables. In end you will left with banana leaves that can be composted.

Table rolls and Napkins

Instead of keeping the paper or plastic roll on table, it is better to clean out the table after every dining. The table should be clean two times once clean it with water and then again with a sanitized cloth.

At the end of wedding, you will find a large amount of solid paper which can`t be recycled, but in case of wiping you have to wash the cloth only and reuse for other weddings.

Don’t use those paper tissues, normally people use two tissues after meal, Instead of paper tissues start using the cotton cloth which can be washed and reuse again.


Wasting money on plastic water bottle will give you nothing except the garbage, in wedding time you have to keep at least two water bottle on each table, sometimes people will ask for more, all these plastic bottles will go in trash only.

These thousands of plastic/paper cups which have generated form which paper cups cannot be recycled and plastic cups have very low recycling value.
Instead of this, serve water in steel mugs which can be washed and reuse again.
At the end, there is no wastage disposals and it is very cost-effective.


Serving large proportions, and rapidly would make tough for people to refuse which they don’t like. Which means huge quantity of food is waste along with plastic spoon and cups.

Instead of this, serve small portions, at a slower pace to avoid wastage.

At the end

What you can do is:

Collect all the waste which produced during the cooking of food and sent to bio gas plant for recycling.

The food which is wasted after the meals should be sent to the piggeries/ or bio gas unit.

The banana leaves can be kept separately and mixed with cow-dung for the composting or cleaned either you can sent it to goshala.

We all know, wedding is said to be the occasions of memory, joy and celebration. So it only depend on people choice to make the wedding outstanding and forget about the planet.

If everyone also thinks about the planet along with the wedding occasion then it will definitely become a beautiful and joyful place to live.

Be remember to celebrate the wedding occasion in eco-friendly way.

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Most Weird characters you will meet in Indian Wedding

Incredible India!

In India, Wedding is the time when internal emotions of people came out. Indian weddings are famous for their tradition, color décor and yummy varieties of food.

Today, I am going to tell you 13 weird reaction which generally show by people for their dear ones which is not so less than the masala Bollywood film with all its glitz, glamour and emotions.

1. The Social Matchmaker:

You will definitely found some people in wedding, who were scanning the entire crowd for all ‘marriageable’ girls and boys. These type of people almost fix their life`s motto to fix at least 3 more wedding before this wedding festivities came to a close.

2.  The party crashers

This only happens in India, in wedding you will found some boys who deseed up in suit from the nearby hostel. These boys were always found to stand silently on the corner and enjoying the free meal and drinks.

3. The alcoholic tankers

Then you will find some emotional, and dramatic people who start comparing their sad marriage story with the newly-married couple, all they need is free-flowing alcohol.

4. The Food lovers

Some people won`t worry about what is going around them, their will just enjoy the meal, these people came to wedding only for food.

5. The gossip generators

The Gossip groups, they comment on everything, form the bride lehenga to the groom`s sister name, sometimes where they will go on honeymoon. These people always put their opinion on everything.

6. The drama queens

The drama queens, these girls require everyone`s attention more than the bride and groom. They complain about everything why the soup is so cold, why cold drink is very warm, last why the food is too oily.
These girls remain unsatisfied with everything every time.

7. The selfie takers

 Some people won`t stop in showing their latest hi-tech phones or selfie sticks, they always seem busy with themselves or with cameras.

8. The flirts

This one you will fine everywhere, the flirty people, whether it your wedding, but these guys won`t stop the flirting with your fiancé.

9. The disco dancers

Love for music, you will found those people on the dance floor only, who will show their latest moves and grooves.

10. The emotion factory

Emotional people, whether it is a festival of happiness or grief they will cry, these people will always spotted with tears.

11. The show-offs

Show-offs, almost everyone. They will show- off their Gucci and Armani clothes, their latest iPhone, surely they will make you hell lot of jealous.

12. The camera stalkers

What can I say about these, these people would love to be a part of every frame in the wedding album.

13. The non-stop advisers

Specially, the old age whether you want their advice or not. But they will definitely give free advices from how to handle marriage life to romantic honeymoon.

No Indian Wedding can be complete without these weird characters. and best wedding planners company in Jaipur.