5 Wedding Trends in 2016

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We all welcome 2016 with great excitement, and can`t wait to see the new, trendy and gorgeous trends of Wedding. The wedding planner are showing their tremendous and brilliant work in organizing a beautiful wedding. Converting many couples dream into reality. Hiring a professional wedding planners is such an awesome thing, if you want to celebrate your wedding stress and hurdles free.

The top 5 wedding Trends which you are definitely going to see in 2016 are-

No flowers-

Today, people have become more concerned about the environment. Instead of using flowers for the decoration they are throwing their wedding in gardens, park and also opting eco-friendly things for wedding. So, this year seems to be all about greenery.
Choosing greenery theme for the wedding has become the top choice for almost all couples, it gives more positivity and more charm to wedding.

The fragrance of beautiful flowers and everything is of green color from the table runners to wedding arches. Instead of using those thermcol plates and bowls, people are switching to steel plates and bowls because they can be used again, but themcol plates cannot used again or else you can send them to bio-degradable plant for recycling.

If this no flowers theme opts by everyone, then it is good for our environment and eco system.


Vintage, the new and trendy wedding look is adopting by many people. It gives you a romantic feeling so about the old-world times and antiques of your big today. Vintage look more royal and luxurious look to tour wedding. Many couples include family heirlooms within this décor, which gave a personal touch to wedding. In vintage wedding- use some metallic and dark browns for the decoration and bridesmaid dress.

Selfie Station-

Selfie has become a new trend in people, they never forget to take a selfie and upload it on social networking sites. So why not to adopt the is trend in wedding, keeping photo booth in wedding has become the new trend. Taking photos from your phone or with a Polaroid camera for an even more retro feel. Taking own pictures and keeping them in frame, with a message. Can also be given as a wedding gift to the beautiful couples.

Pure Romance-

Pure romance is the new and very elegant and famous theme in the boards of Pinterest. Pure Romance, decoration from the candlelit ceremonies to receptions lit by crystal chandeliers, this beautiful trend will definitely melt you heart.

People generally call this theme by the name ‘Twilight Forest.’ The romantic and amazing décor to celebrate your perfect day. This pure romantic theme is highly demanded by every couples. The perfect combination of flowers and lights which gives it more royal and fabulous look. This Pure romance theme is celebrated with nature.


This texture theme for the wedding has come so in demand from 2016. From the beautiful wedding gowns to delicious cakes to the fabulous arrangements of table settings. This texture theme has become popular in the romantic couples. Different types of cakes were used to express the short love story; the cake also feature romantic quotes or chronicles of your relationship. In this texture theme the cakes are not normal, it`s a towers of yummy buttercreams.

Hence, these are top 5 popular and widely chosen wedding trends in 2016.

So, Be Happy and Enjoy Wedding!

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