How to organize a sustainable event

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Is it seriously tough to organize a sustainable event? Do we have to start thinking about environment, but are you afraid that you will spend more to waste less?

A traditional event has a significant negative impact on the environment and on the local communities. From a single event garbage, energy consumption, transportation of guests and materials, these are some of the ‘polluting consequences’ which were generated.

A sustainable event is planned, organized and managed in such a way which allows minimizing the environmental impact throughout the lifetime.

So, what is sustainable event?

A sustainable event is an event which is organized and designed in such a way that minimizes the potential negative impacts and leaves an essential settlement for the host community and all others who are involved. If you are considering sustainable event that your main concern not only to minimize the negative impacts but also given the tips to large number of stakeholders involved, influence and inspire them to adopt sustainably.

What should be the main aspects taken into account when you are planning for eco-friendly and sustainable event?

The main point to consider why you want to organize a sustainable event. A good and deep-understanding of your goals will definitely help you during the development phase. Your choice should be related with the brand image which you want to transmit.

Which story do your brand material tell?

Everything which you provide to your guests will showcase the brand image of product. Building a sustainability in you brand is not hard, just consider those materials, and how they are going to provide value to you and to your guests- consider their end of life solution.

If you seriously care about environment, and want to educate people to respect the environment, firstly encourage them to behave properly. Promotes separates waste collection, spread the information of substantiality by using brochures, fillers, and affix signs with few simple rules.

The respect and caring of environment can even start before the event. Use waste and recycled papers for the promotions of your leaflets. Do online marketing activities like drop a mail, use Facebook or Twitter to encourage people more for using the ‘green energy’ and distribute eco-friendly gadgets which made of natural material.

And for the catering use small restaurants or family companies which also offer bio products. Make sure helping the environment is not good for a single person but it is good for everyone. Try to reduce the quantity of food and packaging waste, do separate waste collection, just remember to have a different vegetarian corner and use recyclable and bio-degradable cutlery and plates.

Latest trends which are using in sustainable events:

Leaders will lead- large MNC`s has include sustainability as the key requirements for entering into commercial agreements and serving a good example for the global business community. All the mega events will be sustainable, and the event management company which is going to lead it, also follow the terms and conditions of compliance and substantiality.

Technology- technological solutions, digital services and mobile apps have completely eliminated the paper needs. Holographic meeting stat happening at a common place, reducing the carbon emissions associated with travel and opening up meetings to those who would otherwise have been unable to attend.

Sustainability and Food- the demands for the locally-produced, organic, fair trade has grown up in the events industry. Hopefully this growth in demand will reduce the prices and increase supply, helping implement sustainability criteria during events.

Material and Waste management- clients want sustainable, certified materials and waste-management specifications. The left materials in events will take into consideration and send to those bio-degradable industries.

These are few ways to generate awareness in people for environment and start implementing sustainable events.

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