10 Things a Bride Should Never Do According to a Wedding Planner

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Owner of P5Creations in Jaipur Rajasthan India, a Wedding planners in Jaipur has helped countless couples plan their wedding day since 2011. Here I break down the 10 things that P5Creations advise their clients never to do.

1.      As a wedding planner they advise to all bride that don’t invite more guests that you can afford to have accept your invitations.

2.      Don’t ask for gift from your invitation list to get more gift that’s called a “gift Grab” instead you can send announcements.

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3.      Don’t hire or start interviewing vendors on your own if you are using the wedding planning services from wedding planners. Because most planners have preferred vendors.

4.      Do not send anyone else as a mediator to consult with planner because you are too busy.
5.      After hiring a wedding planner never shop for you any welcome bags, favors and décor whenever you see something you like. That staff doesn’t match with the theme and décor that a planner will arrange.

6.      Don’t let the bridesmaids to select their own wedding dresses, instead you can tell them ask your wedding planner for guidance to ensure all of them look cohesive in photos. Choose a same color dresses and style.

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7.      Don’t give wedding party gift to all.
8.      Do not forgot about writing the names of your gifts. Some brides and grooms skip it in hopes of getting cash gifts — and nobody is fooled. It's extremely bad etiquette.
9.      Don’t invite more wedding guests to more than one events. It looks like a gift grab.

10. Don't put off all the things your wedding planner told you to get done in the first three months of planning.

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