Tips for planning your Destination Wedding

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Wedding the most beautiful & romantic day of bride and groom life`s. The couple always plan something different to celebrate this day more gorgeously. Some couples would plan a destination wedding or some will celebrate it in traditional way in their hometown.

The important question is why to have a Destination Wedding?

Well planning a Wedding away from the home to an attractive place where to different couples are for different reasons.

So this article for those lovebirds who are planning a Destination Wedding. Here are some tips have been given how to celebrate the destination wedding more perfectly.

1.  Pick the Perfect Spot

The location for the wedding not only define your mood, but also the travel time, budget everything. Your guests, friends have to come from far away to attend your wedding. If he proposed you in Paris, and you guys already went to your favorite place in summer vacations, then not to worry still there are many places left where you can celebrate your wedding. For this hire a professional Wedding planner who will sought out your problems.
Choose a place where your guests also enjoy the local activities of the place.

2. Time It Right

Selecting the right time for wedding matters a lot, because most of the tourist places are more crowded, there will be a less possibility of getting the hotels and venues availability, and everything around you are available on higher rates. It is advisable to reserve the hotel and venue early or before 10-12 months in advance. Make sure that guest also book their flight tickets early. If you are selecting the shoulder season that is right after the high season then you and your guests will be able to save some money and enjoy great weather. While at the time of off-season, you will found less crowds, the weather is also doubtful or iffy and some stores, venues and vendors close up shop.

3.  Take a Trip

It is not necessary, but we recommend you to take at least one trip to the venue or if you can swing it then two or three is ideal.

In the first trip you have to reserve your hotels, venues, reception space, and local suppliers like caters, florists and photographers. In next trip or the second one you have to schedule a ‘tasting’ meeting with you caterer, see the work or example of florist bouquets, and book an appointment with hair & makeup salon, and organize some activities like golf, tennis, museums for the guests. The third trip or last one finalize everything.

4. Factor in the Extra Expenses

If everything goes well, then destination wedding would not cost you more, may be less, and suppose you are living in a metropolitan city, then you can arrange wedding to an outhouse or to the royal or luxurious palace of the city. Still there are extra expenses which are the factors of destination wedding like Key venues and d├ęcor, welcome bags and additional activities for guests, tickets for you and your entire family.

5. Research Local Marriage Requirements

Some countries have legal side of tying the knot. Some countries would demand you for the ‘local residency document’. For example if you are planning to marry in Paris then you have to stay there 40 days before the marriages. Other countries have different policy, England would requires a stay of 7 days while Turks requires only 24 hours stay.

6. Remember: You're on Island Time

Just remember you are on a vacation time, so don’t keep a constant eye on clock. Remember many tropical islands run on “island time” which means things happen when they meant to be happen. So don’t make a vendor`s laid-back attitude, check the schedule regular check-ins and then trust your vendor to work their magic.

7.  Take Care of Guests

Arranging form the flight tickets to rooms, always invite your guests to the rehearsal or welcome dinner or next day brunch and keep goodie or welcome bags to their room, keep some chocolates, suntan lotion and water and bug spray. Remember to take god care of guests, if their mood got spoil then it will badly affects your wedding function.

8.  Dress the Part

Always check the climate conditions before choosing your wedding dress and deciding the everyone`s attire. If the weather is hot so you will be swimming in sweat and unfortunately, you are wearing your favorite pair of fairy-tale satin ball gown with tropical humidity and asking your groom to wear tuxes so it`s just like heat is going cruel. If you are taking the oath outside and suddenly rain start coming then your beautiful white dress will no longer remain white because of mud and 4-inch high heels will stick in mud.

9.  Mind Mother Nature

Don’t assume the weather yourself, after all its mother nature. Sometime you will found hotness is month march, rains in the month of October and more else. It is advisable to check the climatic conditions and weather of the place where you are going to marry.

10. Get a Move On It Already!

Having a wedding planner for the wedding will help you out form all stress and tension. You become so relaxed and also enjoy wedding more joyfully if you hired a good wedding planner. Making all the arrangements for the wedding, selecting the fresh flowers and choosing the best theme and caterer for the wedding is the key functions of the wedding planner.

So, today I discussed some of the tips to make your destination wedding full of wonders.

Go Happy and Enjoy Wedding!!


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