How to organize eco- friendly wedding

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The increasing pollution, and global temperatures and rising sea-level have got everyone`s attentions, that doesn`t mean to exclude the new age of wedding planners. Wedding meant to be happen in heaven so why to spoil it by using the plastic and trash materials which is left over the earth. Most of the trash generates form the “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, which badly affects our nature and environment.

But now people have become more concerned about nature, they had start saving trees, stop using the plastic bags. Even the wedding are also organize in eco-friendly way.

The concept of “green wedding” has influenced the western culture more, they has start using this embraced green way, getting inspired from them Bangalore has become a few zero waste weddings place.

It is true that as big as the occasion it will generate more waste and the emission of carbon will be more than usual. It is proven that a single wedding on an average will generated about 62 tons of carbon dioxide and around 200-300 KGs of garbage. Just imagine when thousands of wedding stops reducing the usage of this wastage, the world would become a happy and pollution-free space to live.

Using the eco-friendly items in wedding will cost you less, as compared to your normal wedding budget. Arranging eco-friendly wedding is more favorable, and it also give your wedding more classy and elegant look.

Our first step is to identify form all the garbage or waste is coming from, follow some steps that can be used and lastly methods to deal with this problem.

Don`t worry if you are thinking that concept is tough, organizing an eco-friendly is very simple, easy and clean. 

All one have to do, is to follow some rules and make some right choices to achieve this.


The first thing which one can do is to analyze those places and note them down where more amount of wastage is generated. The quantity of paper which you send in invitations also goes in the dustbin because no one notice them properly. 

To avoid this, start using the recycled and post-consumer waste paper, tree-free paper and digital medium, all these options also give beautiful and elegant look, also reduce the resource consumption.

You can also send wedding gifts that is some show piece, decorative items, and other gifting items which can be re-gifted and it will not become the part of trash.

Wedding decorations

Doing decoration with those shiny objects, plastic flowers and thermocol and Styrofoam boards has become the usual part of decoration. Even the flowers which you generally choose for the decoration are coated with glittery plastics. All these things are of no use when the wedding has done, it will simply go in dustbin.

It`s better to get the flowers from the local florist such as jasmine, marigold and shavantige, chandhuva and the beautiful roses. After wedding these all flowers can be composed.

Just make sure that, no plastic, or Styrofoam is used in decoration.

One more way to reduce the carbon which is generated from the bridal make up and jewelry.  Use eco-friendly jewelry like stones, and metals, diamond gems and beautiful breathtaking metal pieces. Also using all the natural beauty and herbal products for the skin at your wedding day is good for the health.


The cutlery which used in dining-hall should be eco-friendly and reusable, instead of using those Styrofoam soup cups, plastic soups and paper cups for chaat. It`s better to serve food in banana leady and all the cups, spoons, plates and coffee and hand wash bowls should be made up of steel bowls or melamine.

These steel vessels are clean and hygiene as they are washed with hot water. All you have to do is just to pay the labour for washing this, which is cheaper than the disposables. In end you will left with banana leaves that can be composted.

Table rolls and Napkins

Instead of keeping the paper or plastic roll on table, it is better to clean out the table after every dining. The table should be clean two times once clean it with water and then again with a sanitized cloth.

At the end of wedding, you will find a large amount of solid paper which can`t be recycled, but in case of wiping you have to wash the cloth only and reuse for other weddings.

Don’t use those paper tissues, normally people use two tissues after meal, Instead of paper tissues start using the cotton cloth which can be washed and reuse again.


Wasting money on plastic water bottle will give you nothing except the garbage, in wedding time you have to keep at least two water bottle on each table, sometimes people will ask for more, all these plastic bottles will go in trash only.

These thousands of plastic/paper cups which have generated form which paper cups cannot be recycled and plastic cups have very low recycling value.
Instead of this, serve water in steel mugs which can be washed and reuse again.
At the end, there is no wastage disposals and it is very cost-effective.


Serving large proportions, and rapidly would make tough for people to refuse which they don’t like. Which means huge quantity of food is waste along with plastic spoon and cups.

Instead of this, serve small portions, at a slower pace to avoid wastage.

At the end

What you can do is:

Collect all the waste which produced during the cooking of food and sent to bio gas plant for recycling.

The food which is wasted after the meals should be sent to the piggeries/ or bio gas unit.

The banana leaves can be kept separately and mixed with cow-dung for the composting or cleaned either you can sent it to goshala.

We all know, wedding is said to be the occasions of memory, joy and celebration. So it only depend on people choice to make the wedding outstanding and forget about the planet.

If everyone also thinks about the planet along with the wedding occasion then it will definitely become a beautiful and joyful place to live.

Be remember to celebrate the wedding occasion in eco-friendly way.

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