How to Choose Perfect Wedding Ring

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The wedding ring is something that you are going to wear rest of your life, so it should be perfect!

In most cases, the Wedding planners helps in choosing the best ring for your wedding. After all, wedding happens only one time.

But if you are not taking the help of event planning company, then you should remember some points before buying a ring.

Choose wedding rings for whom you love, can live with forever, it should be simple with beautiful & elegant design.

1. Widen your choices:

This is the one piece of jewelry which you wear every day, and some couples shop for it together. So before hit to the shop decide which metal do you prefer whether it is yellow, white, or rose?

What you are looking for something simple or over-the-top.

Yellow Gold:

The yellow color gold is a best choice for both the groom and the bride. It is best suited for the traditional wedding. Generally, people choose 22ct gold because it is soft to wear in daily routine. Buy 18ct, 14ct, 9ct gold wedding ring, these rings are combined with stronger metals and very in demand too.

White Gold:

White Gold Ring is the perfect complement of the platinum engagement ring.
The white gold is polished with rhodium to enhance their appearance. If you wear it in daily routine might its color get demolished, but the rhodium can easily be re-applied on it and make your wedding ring look as new as it is.

Rose or Platinum:

Platinum rings are becoming more popular in modern couples.

Platinum ring is made up of white metal and best-suited for daily routine. It not a gold that’s y it is much more expensive to buy, but the platinum wedding ring will last, and unmarked forever.

If the platinum ring is out of your budget then you can go for palladium wedding ring, it is similar to platinum ring because of the color and less expensive than platinum.

2. Start early search:

For the early search of the ring you can take the help of Wedding planners because they know the places form where you can get the ring.

But if, you have the basic idea about the ring which you want, head out to jewelry store. Research for two months on the price and browse more and more rings until the ring that catches your eye. If you are interested in a custom piece, then start searching one month before, sometimes engraving also took time.

3. Be different:

Don’t be upset if he wants to wear gold and you want to wear platinum, there is no such rule written that both groom and bride will wear the same metals or same styles rings. Pick those wedding rings which reflect your style and tastes.

4.  Set a budget:

Let the event planners know what your budget for the ring is, may be they will suggest something good.

It’s obvious that if you prefer diamond it will cost you more, rather than the gold. Diamonds will add considerably more to the cost. Then the price of engraving in ring will depend on the font and how it will engraved by machine or hand.

5. Size It Right

Most of the people don’t take their wedding rings off. They love to wear them in summers, winter, exercise, pregnancy every time even when their fingers get swell and contract due to heat, cold, water retention and weight gain. To finalize the perfect size for the ring try it when your body is calm and your body temperature is normal.
Never finalize the ring size in morning because you retain salt from the night before, and after exercising because finger got swell or when someone is extremely hot or cold.

6. Check for Quality

Always remember to check the two marks inside the ring: the manufacture`s trademark (which shows their proof behind their work) and a quality mark (“24k” or “PLAT” for e.g. - proves it is what they say it is).
If the ring is made up of two or more metals make sure there is a quality mark for each.
7. Always protect your investment:
Yes, its true metals and platinum are the costlier one. Don’t wear your ring while playing sports or doing rough work and when working with concentrated chlorine, which is found in bleach, chemical cleaning solutions and swimming pool disinfectants (which can cause pitting or discoloration to ring). Marks and scratches are most visible on the ring and mostly on platinum because it is softer than gold or metal. Luckily, it an easy task for your jeweler to restore the elegancy and uniqueness of ring by reapplying or change the finish of ring.

8. Always think long term

Don’t be shy or conscious to be different or trendy, but just make sure the style you are choosing is something you will wear after 20 years.
9. Be practical:
Always remember your lifestyle in mind before buying the ring. What`s the point to make it look prettier when you feel uncomfortable or you have to remove it while doing work which also increase the chance of losing it. The basic idea is to choose something that is simple and becomes a part of your life.

10. Keep It Safe:

You are always scared with the feeling of losing the ring. Whenever you remove the ring, put it in a designated place so you will remember where it is, never keep it near the sink, otherwise you will lose it forever. The Most dangerous time to lose the ring is when you are away from your home, at that time most people forgotten the place where they had kept it.

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