Most Weird characters you will meet in Indian Wedding

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Incredible India!

In India, Wedding is the time when internal emotions of people came out. Indian weddings are famous for their tradition, color décor and yummy varieties of food.

Today, I am going to tell you 13 weird reaction which generally show by people for their dear ones which is not so less than the masala Bollywood film with all its glitz, glamour and emotions.

1. The Social Matchmaker:

You will definitely found some people in wedding, who were scanning the entire crowd for all ‘marriageable’ girls and boys. These type of people almost fix their life`s motto to fix at least 3 more wedding before this wedding festivities came to a close.

2.  The party crashers

This only happens in India, in wedding you will found some boys who deseed up in suit from the nearby hostel. These boys were always found to stand silently on the corner and enjoying the free meal and drinks.

3. The alcoholic tankers

Then you will find some emotional, and dramatic people who start comparing their sad marriage story with the newly-married couple, all they need is free-flowing alcohol.

4. The Food lovers

Some people won`t worry about what is going around them, their will just enjoy the meal, these people came to wedding only for food.

5. The gossip generators

The Gossip groups, they comment on everything, form the bride lehenga to the groom`s sister name, sometimes where they will go on honeymoon. These people always put their opinion on everything.

6. The drama queens

The drama queens, these girls require everyone`s attention more than the bride and groom. They complain about everything why the soup is so cold, why cold drink is very warm, last why the food is too oily.
These girls remain unsatisfied with everything every time.

7. The selfie takers

 Some people won`t stop in showing their latest hi-tech phones or selfie sticks, they always seem busy with themselves or with cameras.

8. The flirts

This one you will fine everywhere, the flirty people, whether it your wedding, but these guys won`t stop the flirting with your fiancé.

9. The disco dancers

Love for music, you will found those people on the dance floor only, who will show their latest moves and grooves.

10. The emotion factory

Emotional people, whether it is a festival of happiness or grief they will cry, these people will always spotted with tears.

11. The show-offs

Show-offs, almost everyone. They will show- off their Gucci and Armani clothes, their latest iPhone, surely they will make you hell lot of jealous.

12. The camera stalkers

What can I say about these, these people would love to be a part of every frame in the wedding album.

13. The non-stop advisers

Specially, the old age whether you want their advice or not. But they will definitely give free advices from how to handle marriage life to romantic honeymoon.

No Indian Wedding can be complete without these weird characters. and best wedding planners company in Jaipur.

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